New Mobile Phone App

Tyler SIS Student 360 Mobile
Posted on 02/17/2016

Parent Portal can now be accessed through a new Smart Phone App: Tyler SIS Student 360 Mobile. It can be downloaded from the Apple iTunes iOS App Store.

The app is compatible with iPhones and iPads running iOS 7.

Installing Tyler SIS Mobile

Download Tyler SIS Student 360 Mobile from Apple iTunes by searching for Tyler SIS Student 360. The app is free. 

·        iOS (iPhone and iPad)

Logging in

The first time you launch Student 360, you will be prompted to search for your district either by name or by ZIP code. (If you select the wrong district or need to change districts, you will be able to do so later from the Settings screen.)

Enter at least the first three letters of the district’s name or the first three digits of the district’s ZIP code. Tap the Search button to search for districts. Tap the district where your student is enrolled to proceed to the login page.

At the top of the login screen, the gear icon provides access to the settings screen. To log in, use the radio buttons (Android) or tabs (iOS) to select Staff, Parent, or Student login. Use the same User Name and Password that you use to log into the Tyler SIS Student 360 Parent Portal website. Login.