Advanced Ed Accreditation Review

Advanced Ed Accreditation Review
Posted on 04/27/2017

The Advanced Ed Accreditation Review wrapped up yesterday with an exit report in the afternoon. The Advanced Ed organization has conducted official reviews on more than 34,000 schools/districts across the United States and throughout 70 countries.

Scoring is done in 3 main categories:  Teaching and Learning Impact on Student Learning;  Leadership Capacity Among Staff to Achieve Goals; and Resource Utilization.  There is also an overall ‘Average’ score.   Each score is compared to the ‘average’ received among ALL schools/districts worldwide that undergo an Advanced Ed Accreditation Review.

Scoring rubrics range from 100 – 400 with 400 being the maximum that can be received in any category.

Below are the Rubric Scores: [Based upon range of a low 100 to a high of 400]

Category Festus Score  Advanced Ed
Network Average
 Overall Score 340 278.94
 Teaching & Learning Impact 320.95 268.48
 Leadership Capacity 361.67 293.71
 Resource Utilization 357.50 286.27

We have been told that our scores were among the highest the review team has ever seen received by a district by which they were part of the formal review team.Those scores would NOT have been possible without the daily hard work put forth by our staff on behalf of our students.

Thanks to everyone involved in this process!

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